A carpet made of virgin wool rarely needs to be cleaned. However, we will be happy to give you some tips on how to care for it if it does need to be cleaned.

Good beating and vacuuming with flat floor nozzles will keep the Mrirt rug fresh at all times. 

When the rug is first rolled out it will lose a little wool from the surface, this is quite normal, because of our knotting process. No worries at all, it will stop after the first two vacuumings.

The Mrirt rug can be hand washed. It should be noted that it is a natural product and care should be taken. For stubborn stains such as those caused by spilling wine, we recommend using household methods.

Of course, we can recommend professional cleaning if you are unsure about.

You can use baking soda as a natural bleaching agent for dark and stubborn stains. You mix a little water with it and brush the stain out of the carpet with a soft brush. Natural soaps such as “Savon de Marseille” or “Aleppo soap” are also suitable. After brushing the area to be treated, rinse it with water and that’s it! A little insider-tipp, UV rays make the sheep’s wool shine and dye it white again.



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