A hand-knotted unique piece made of ivory virgin wool from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and a carefully worked diamond pattern.

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The Mrirt rug, a handknotted original from Morocco.

The subdued neutral colours of Mrirt rugs emanate a sense of purity and harmony. Inspired by the earthy tones of the Middle Atlas Mountains, these rugs mirror the gentle hues of sand, stone, and sun-kissed landscapes. Each thread, spun from hand-sorted natural wool, embodies the rustic beauty and warmth of the region.

MRIRT sources only the finest Beni Guile wool fibres, known for their softness, durability and inherent beauty. The wool tips used for weaving are exposed to sunlight which is an important element in the creation of MRIRT rugs and enhances the exceptional quality of the wool. The sheared wool is washed and spun in the traditional process, which prepares it for the knotting ritual. Each step of the production process is carefully overseen to maintain the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to quality ensures a luxurious and comfortable underfoot experience.


MRIRT rugs are handmade according to the ancient knotting techniques of the Zayane tribes, who originated in the Middle Atlas regions. This beautiful nomadic tradition has been passed down through centuries to us, and now on to your home.


In addition to the quality of the materials and execution, it is the spiritual aspect of and energy that exudes from each piece that makes our rugs exceptional. Each MRIRT rug is unique and made especially for you by master weavers.


Due to its origin and the quality of our production, a MRIRT rug will increase in value and is, therefore, a long-term investment and a timeless piece of art.




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